Pre-sales questions

Q. Will you place ads on my site?

A. We will NOT place ads on your site.

Q. Do you allow sites to advertise for money on their web sites?

A. Yes, we allow sites to have commercial advertisements.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We take PayPal as well as credit and debit cards with VISA or MasterCard logo on them.

Q. Are your servers Unix or NT?

A. Unix

Q. Do you allow adult sites?

A. No, we don’t allow adult sites. We don’t want our servers banned for inappropriate content.

Q. Is tax included on my monthly or yearly plan?

A. Web hosting services are not taxable in Virginia

Q. What control panel do you use and do you have a demo?

A. The control panel we use is called cPanel. A demo of cPanel can be found here

Demo username and password: x3demoa (if prompted)

Q. Can I host friends?

A. Yes, you may host your friends’ sites if you are on an account that has space, bandwidth and if additional domains are part of your package.

Q. How long does it take to set up my account?

A. Your account will be set up automatically, usually within 15 minutes of payment confirmation.

Q. Are there any hidden costs or setup fees?

A. No. You are purchasing a specific amount of space and a specific amount of bandwidth. If you get close to exceeding either you will be notified automatically so you can take appropriate measures.

Q. Do you offer telnet or shell access?

A. No. Due to security reasons, we do not offer telnet or shell access.You are still able to unzip files on the server using our file manager. You also have the ability to set up cron jobs.

Q. Can I password-protect directories?

A. Yes, you can password-protect directories within cPanel.


Q. How long does it take to get my domain working?

A. It can take from 24-48 hours for a domain to fully propagate, though it is frequently faster. If it is a new domain, verify the domain per the email you receive immediately to avoid any delay.

Q. To what do I set my domain’s name servers (DNS)?

A. Please read your welcome e-mail. If you have lost your welcome e-mail, you can e-mail us requesting your DNS.

Control panel

Q. Do you have a manual for the control panel?

A. Go to https://www.cpanel.net/docs/cp/index.html

Q. Where do I go to log in to my control panel?

A. You go to https://yourdomain.com/cpanel

Q. How do I make sub-domains?

A. If your account comes with sub-domains, just log in to your control panel and click “domain management.” Inside of domain management, you will see a place to manage and add sub-domains.


Q. Where can I download a free FTP?

A. We recommend downloading WS FTP from here or File Zilla, a free FTP software (available for both Mac and Windows) from here

Q. It is not letting me upload my files. What’s wrong?

A. Make sure you are uploading to the right web directory, which is the public_html folder.

Q. Why doesn’t my ftp password change when I change my Cpanel password?

A. Please allow 24 hours for your FTP password to sync with your Cpanel password.


Q. How do I create e-mail accounts?

A. To create an e-mail account, log in to your control panel and click add/remove e-mail accounts.

Q. What do I use for both incoming and outgoing mail server?

A. For both incoming and outgoing mail server put mail.yourdomain.com

Q. Where do I go to check my e-mail using my browser?

A. yourdomain.com/webmail/


Q. How do I execute the 30-day money-back guarantee?

A. Simply e-mail us your username, password and why you wish to cancel, within 30 days, and we process your refund in less then 24 hours. Please be sure to back up any files and databases, as they will be deleted upon processing the refund and closing the account.

Q. How do I make a payment?

A. All online payments are recurring. Your payment will automatically be billed using the card on file five days before the due date, or will be deducted from your PayPal account.

Q. How do I stop billing?

A. If you wish to close your account, simply e-mail us your username, password, and why you wish to cancel. You must also include, “I give you permission to delete my website and all of its content.” Please be sure to back up any files and databases, as they will be deleted closing the account.