What’s in a (domain) name?

How should you choose a domain name? You want your website to show up in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing when people search for the product or service you are selling. Having keywords (the words people type into the search engines) as part of your domain name will help you rank better. Consider this, if you put your company name as a domain name, only those people who know your company name will be able to find it easily in the search engines.

Here is a better way:

What are your keywords? They are the words that tell you what your web page is about. For instance, instead of “ChesapeakeBusinessAssociates.com”, you might want to have this as your domain name “ChesapeakePayrollServices.com”. Your page title and description can include your business name, but having keywords in your domain name will get you a better page rank.

You must think like a customer.  When you use Google or Bing or other search engines, what do you type in if you want to find a local business? When in doubt of what keywords to use, try using Google Keyword Tool.  It will tell you the top phrases (keywords) that people are actually searching for in your line of business.  There are some other free and paid search tools out there, but most people use Google for search, with Bing (and Yahoo) coming in second, so using their keyword tool will give you the most relevant results.

Figuring out the most relevant keywords is the first step. It won’t kill you if you use your company name or another phrase as a domain name, but you won’t get that extra boost in the search engines.

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